Q: How do I obtain a Police check from Latvia?


A: Go to Homepage of Ministry of Interior which has all the information regarding the obtainment of Police check. It is available in English, Latvian and Russian. This way you can find the best way to receive it.


Q: How can I trace relatives born in Latvia?


A: Try the following websites:

Guide to Latvia Online Genealogy Records
for researching ancestry, family history and genealogy: birth, marriage, death, census, church, military, immigration, and naturalization records.




Homepage of the Latvian Ministry of the Interior


Q: How can I trace relatives living in Latvia? 

A: All information about ancestors living in Latvia can be requested from the Latvian State Historical Archives  at https://www.arhivi.gov.lv/content.aspx?id=382&mainId=162&mainId=343

or  via central e-mail: vestures.arhivs@arhivi.gov.lv or via any e-mail of the Certificate Division
(in Latvian - Izziņu nodaļa)

Q: How can I renew my Latvian Passport in New Zealand?

A: Latvian nationals in New Zealand can apply for a new passport at the Embassy of Latvia in Japan or at any OCMA ( Pilsonības un migrācijas lietu pārvalde)  regional client service center in Latvia.


If the passport (only identity document) has expired then the person can apply for the Emergency Travel Document at any EU embassy in New Zealand to return to Latvia and apply for a new passport.

Q: How do I apply for a Latvian Birth Certificate?


A: Birth certificates can be requested at the Civil Registry Department of the Ministry of Justice by writing an e-mail to dzimts.dep@tm.gov.lv .


Please note if a person is deceased the reference of his/her birth will be issued. An applicant has to write all necessary data about a person whose registry of birth is requested (name, last name, date of birth, place of birth) and his/her name and last name and address. An applicant also has to indicate if a document has to be certified with Apostille (more information about certification of documents in Latvia is on a website of the MFA at http://www.mfa.gov.lv/en/consular-information/document-legalisation ). Certification with Apostille depends on regulations of institution where a document will be submitted, so he/she has to contact a relevant institution in New Zealand to find out requirements. If no Apostille is required a document will be sent to a person by the Civil Registry Department (information about receiving of a document and payable fees must be addressed to the Department). If Apostille is required Civil Registry Department will forward a document to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs where it will be legalized. After certification with Apostille MFA will forward document to the Honorary Consulate via diplomatic mail. In this case an applicant has to pay: 1) state fee 15 EUR (per document) for legalization of document to the State Treasury: Receiver: State Treasury Registration no: 90000050138 Account no: LV81TREL1060110919100 Receiver's BIC: TRELLV22 Description: name, last name – legalization of documents 2) Consular fee 45 EUR for sending document via diplomatic mail to the Honorary Consulate: Receiver: Ministry of Foreign Affairs Registration no: 90000069065 Account no: LV49TREL2110036038000 Bank Name: Valsts kase, Rīgas norēķinu centrs Bank Code: TRELLV22 Description: name, last name – consular fee